Hair color questions - returning customers

Hair color questions for returning customers.

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Question 1 of 3

How did you like your last color kit?  


I loved it, send me the same thing.


I want something a little different.

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If you loved your color and want the same thing, please type "same" in this box, if you want to adjust your formula, please explain.  You can say things like, the roots were a little dark a little light or I would like a darker gloss color.  Explain as much as you can.  

Email photo request for color changes.

1- Take 2 photos of your hair from the shoulders up in natural light.  Do not use old photos, take photos today.

2- Find 2 photos of the color you would like to achieve, you will be e-mailing me the photos as described below.. 

3- Color should be within 1-2 shades of your natural color unless you are going darker.

4- E-mail ALL 4 PHOTOS to [email protected] with your FULL NAME AND CONTACT NUMBER.  IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THE VIP KIT, SPECIFY THAT IN THE EMAIL in order to schedule the FaceTime or video call.


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